Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Art of Traffic Calming

Steven Woodward is a Saint Paul based sculptor who served as Resident Artist from 2005-06. With Public Works streetscape engineers, he participated in community forums on strategies to make city neighborhoods safer and more pedestrian friendly. The Art of Traffic Calming is the result of his exploration of these critical urban issues. The project consists of 30 art signs that were installed beginning in June along stretches of city streetscape. After several weeks they will be rotated and then moved to other parts of the city for repeat performances.

To learn more, call the Art of Traffic Calming Hotline: 651-266-6216!

Made in the Public Works sign shop from highly colorful and reflective materials, they enliven the streetscapes as they further discussion of how to achieve safer streets in Saint Paul’s neighborhoods. Traffic speeds will be measured before, during and after each art sign installation, so the City will be able to readily evaluate their effectiveness. Public Works streetscape employees are excited about the prospect of their new roles: curators of a very public artwork.

The Public Artist Residency and the Art of Traffic Calming are made possible by Public Art Saint Paul’s Placemaking Fund, with support from Saint Paul Neighborhood STAR.