Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Stewardship

Sentinels by Juergen Zaun

This past Wednesday, New PASP Education and Stewardship Coordinator Ashley Hanson and Office Manager Nic Hager went on a collection assessment, to help acclimate Ashley to the collection. It was a beautiful late-winter day, Cajibracan was smiling, the snow was melting, and it was a good reminder to get into gear for the exciting season to come.

Cajibracan by Peter Morales

Spring is just around the corner! As the ground begins to thaw and the sun begins to shine, we welcome our season of outdoor public art events by inviting you to enjoy the outdoors by exploring Saint Paul's public art and public spaces. As you enjoy the weather and the scenery, please do keep an eye on our public art pieces to see how well they have survived the cold winter months and remember to contact us if you notice any of the pieces in need of a little TLC (651.290.0921).

Family Hug by Salah Hammad