Friday, November 6, 2009

Documentary Release

Public Art Saint Paul is proud to announce the airing of a documentary of its Sustainable Artmaking Fellowship Program The Sustainability Equation: Between Creativity and Environmental Consciousness.

Produced by Public Art Saint Paul and developed by Jonathan Kranzler, The Sustainability Equation follows our sustainable artmaking fellows Christopher Lutter-Gardella, Janna Schneider, Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad of the BodyCartography Project, and Aaron Dysart through their exploration of their own artmaking practice and consideration of dynamic new directions.

The documentary will also be aired on community cable stations throughout the state in the weeks and months ahead and is being sent in DVD format to all studio arts departments in the state of Minnesota.

11/05/09, 8:00 pm CH15;
11/07/09, 3:30 pm CH15;
11/08/09, 5:30 pm CH15;
11/14/09, 10:00 pm CH15;
11/15/09, 8:00 pm CH15